My Cabinet of Curiosities

I have an IKEA display coffee table in which I keep displayed all the little oddities I collected when I went on my Lord of the Rings pilgrimage to New Zealand.  Visiting in 2013, they were just finishing up the films and not every location had been entirely cleared.  I was lucky enough to find a whole display case worth of treasure – including gravel from the Ford of Bruinen, a piece of gaffer tape from Edoras, the charred fragment of the burning Rohan village and a leaf from Lothlorien.

These might seem like a whole load of detritus to some people, but to me these are treasure.  They remind of the amazing time I spent in New Zealand and they tie me to two of my greatest loves, Tolkien’s ‘Lord of the Rings’ and Peter Jackson’s opus trilogy based on the book.  They are worth more than gold although I don’t expect many people to understand how shells, and old twigs and ticket stubs could possible mean so much.

However, not all my treasures in life are easily picked up, transported home and put into a cabinet of curiosities.  Many of the things that I hold as precious are intangible – a feeling, a taste or sound –  and, unless I take some action, they get lost (for example, I couldn’t remember that there is a Jesse window in Ludlow’s St Lawrence’s Church although I have visited it twice previously!)  I don’t want to lose the ephemera from my life.  I want to keep it safe like that piece of conglomerate I found at the top of Mt Sunday, the location of Edoras in the film.

So this blog is just a digital version of the cabinet of curiosities – a collection of bric a brac, thoughts and feelings, images and moments from my life.  Feel free to have a browse.  You might find some things that you consider trash.  You might find something of interest.

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